Press on application + removal

Just received your Haus of Lacquer press on set? Here’s some info on how to apply them! 

Prep your nails! 

1. Choose your nail sizes and lay them out in front of you.

2. Push back your cuticles and remove and skin and cuticles from your entire nail from cuticle to the end of your fingernails.  

3. Buff your nails well and remove any shine from your nails.

4. Apply alcohol or acetone to a cotton pad and scrub your nail beds really well. Let them air dry. 

5. Apply your nail tips one by one. Apply nail glue to your nail. Not too much so it overflows, but enough to cover your entire nail. Press the nail tip onto your nail and press for at least 10 seconds to ensure it is on properly. Or you can choose to use nail glue tabs for a shorter wear time. Choose the nail tab that best suits your nail size. Peel it off it’s backing using tweezers and apply to the back of your nail tip. Using the tweezers, press the nail tab into the nail tip well, to remove any air bubbles. Press onto the nail and hold in place for 10 seconds.

6. Start talking with your hands and pointing to things for no real reason!

Remove your nails!

Nail glue removal (reuse nails):

1. Apply cuticle oil around the nail, try to get oil under the press on nail if you can. We suggest using our South London or Homegirl cuticle oils!

2. Fill a bowl with very warm warm/hot as your fingers can handle (not to hot though! Don’t burn yourself!) and add some oil to the water. Soak your fingers.

3. Check periodically to see if the nails come loose when you wiggle them side to side. They should come off easily. If not, add more cuticle oil. Do not rip the nails off so you don’t cause damage to your natural nails.

4. Clean the nails to remove any oil using some warm soapy water. Let them dry and then place them in your reusable nail pouch to reuse another time!

Glue tab removal (reuse nails):

If you used nail glue tabs, it should be easy to remove. Check to see if any nails come off easily by wiggling them side to side gently. You can apply cuticle oil around any remaining nails. If wiggling them side to side still doesn’t remove them, you can soak in a bowl of warm water with some oil added until they come off. 

Acetone soak off (cannot reuse nails):

If you don’t want to save your nails for another use, you can soak them in actone inril they melt off. But they will no longer be reusable.