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Do you use stickers to create the nail art?
No, stickers are NEVER used to create the nail art on a Haus of Lacquer nail set. Gems, rhinetones, studs and bling? Yes definitely, but not stickers.

Why use press ons?
These nail sets are so versatile. You can wear them as an everyday accessory in place of a manicure. There's no drying time, so they won't smudge. They're quick and you can apply them yourself. They should last 7 days or longer if applied properly. Plus they're reusable if you care for them. Or you can wear them for a special occasion or photoshoot and remove them when you're done and save them for another use.

Can you explain the lengths to me?
Short will cover the nail bed or "pink" of your nail. It's best for those who very active with their hands (if you can't type with any length on your nails, these are your best bet.) Medium will extend slightly past the edge of your finger. It gives added length but noting to crazy or unmanageable. Long is just that. People will notice your talons for sure. Nothing that will add inches to your fingers, but they'll show off your new nail art.

How will I know if the nail set will fit me? 
The beauty about these full cover nail sets is they are sold as a set of 20. There are 10 sizes, 2 in each size, so you can choose the size that best fits your nails. Make sure to read the description of each item, it will tell you if it is the best curve for the shape of your nail.

What is the curve of my nail and how do I find out what mine is?
The "curve" of your nail will be: flat, average or arched (arched having the highest curve to it.) You can find your nail curve by pointing your fingers towards yourself, so you're looking at the edge of your nail. If it is quite flat across, then you will fit under "flat." If it is has a slight to medium curve to it, you fit under "average." If your nail looks like a circle that has been cut in half, then you have "arched" nails. It is only a guideline but will ensure best possible fit for your nails.

How do I apply and remove my nails set?
Each set is sent out with instructions for application and removal.

Is nail glue included?
No nail glue is not included. But you should be able to purchase nail glue from your local drugstore.

Can I upgrade international shipping to include a tracking number?
Packages are sent from BC, Canada using regular mail to keep the shipping costs low for you. If you'd like to upgrade, please feel free to contact me at for a shipping quote.

I have an idea for a set I'd like made. Do you take custom nail art orders?
Yes, definitely. As long as my schedule permits it (it takes time to make all these nail sets!) Please ciontact me at to discuss a custom set.